The Davey Silensor pool pump range represents some of the biggest breakthroughs in Davey pump technology for many years. Made in Australia, for Australian conditions, the Davey Silensor range has been specifically designed and engineered to combat the age old pool pump problem... excessive noise. As the name suggests, Davey's Silensor truly heralds a quiet pool pump revolution. And, as youve come to expect from Davey, the all new Silensor is extremely dependable.. Solid construction and superior quality in manfacture ensure your new Silensor will quietly go about its business day after day, year after year.

Super Quiet - The

Your rainwater tank captures and saves water. To use it effectively around the garden Davey has developed the SIlver Series range of pumps to economically satisfy these needs. Davey are known worldwide for the quality and reliability of their pumps, and the Silver Series range has been developed to live up this. While the domestic backyard may not be as harsh as the Australian outback, Davey know that reliability is just as important to you. The silver series pumps are manufactured to the exact standards Davey have established for all their products. Important components like bearings, capacitors, seals, controls and tanks have all...

Water is a valuable resource, and saving water is a priority for every Australian household. To make water saving easy Onga
has developed WaterSwitch. WaterSwitch is a dual source value that utilises water captured within a rainwater tank to
supply water requirements around the home. Not all domestic water applications and appliances require water
that has been treated for drinking by a local water authority. Uses for rainwater include, washing machines, toilets flushing, and garden watering. With WaterSwitch your customers will save water automatically. 
WaterSwitch is a fully...

At some stage during your household pumps life, you might come across a time where your household pump is not performing like it should. As there are many factors that could be the cause of this, we have put together a checklist of the most common problems that can be checked to help you get your pump pumping again.

Troubleshooting Checklist for Household Pumps with a Pressure Switch & Pressure Tank

Motor runs when switched on but does not pump

  • Suction line and pump body not filled with water
  • Air leaks in suction lines or suction pipe under water
  • Air trapped in syuction lines (also possible with flooded...

DAB produces reliable domestic household pumps, that are technically advanced, easy to install and efficient, ensuring high energy savings in the following domestic and residential application sectors: heating and air conditioning, water supply, irrigation and gardening, and the popular use of rainwater.

There is a DAB home pressure pump to suit virtually every home and budget.

Choosing the most appropriate model for your application depends on a number of factors :-

  • How much water will be required..? This is often considered in terms of the number of taps or oulets that are likely to be on at the same...

Davey's shallow well jet pumps, complete with a pressure switch or the Torrium controller, can draw water from rivers, creeks, dams and shallow bores down to 7.5 metres for farm water supply, stock watering, small scale irrigation, garden sprinkklers, washdown and tank filling.

These shallow well jet pumps are simple to use and highly durable, plus, installation and servicing are easier as the pump is conveniently installed at ground level.

The Davey 95S, 125S and 165S models casing is constructed of high grade aluminium with Rilsan lining to ensure extremely high corrosion and abrasion resistance for trouble free...

Comparing cheaper brand water tank / household pumps to quality brand pumps…..
Are you looking for the right water tank pump or household pump to fit to your water tank, with so many brands and models on the market today, selecting the right pump can be difficult, and having the right model is crucial, as you want the right pump to do the required job.

Which is the right pump for me..?and why shouldnt i buy a cheaper import pump is a question we get asked a lot by our customers, as unforetunetly a lot of people have been caught out with with cheap imports that don’t do the job, as they don’t do what they have been...

Davey's Dynapond pond pumps are specially designed for fully submerged operation, 24 hours, 7 days a week. The Davey dynapond is ideal for large domestic, small commercial fountains, waterfalls, Koi (japanese carp) and fish ponds, as well as recirculation applications in freshwater aquaculture. The Dyanpond 8000 model is suitable for sea water applications.

Davey Dynapond Features 

Open impeller, centrifugal pump with adjustable strainer
• Pump can pass small soft solids in the water without blockage
Can be operated horizontally or vertically
• Easy to install
• Easy to conceal